During the planning of an upcoming special event or a party that requires travel or other special arrangements on the part of the guests, it is a common practice to send "save the date reminders". These handy reminders are sent before the official invitation to inform guests about the upcoming event or to leave a reminder for making necessary travel arrangements beforehand.

One way to send reminders is to send save the date magnets. Save the date magnets are a way to communicate well in advance about an upcoming event like a wedding. It is generally followed by the full-scale wedding invitation and serves as a preview of the calls that follow.

Essentially, Save the Date Magnets contain:

· Name of the host.

· The Event.

· Date of Event.

However, you can customize your magnets to make them more personal. You can choose to add your photos, decorations that match the theme of the party, colors that are based on the theme, romantic ideas such as figurines of newlyweds (in case of a wedding), or your own caricatures.

How to Create Save the Date Magnets

Things you need:

· Software images

· Editing software

· Printer

· Adhesive backed magnets/Printable Magnet Sheets

· Scissors or a paper cutter

· Small invitation envelopes.

Steps to create a save the date magnet:

1. Buy printable magnet sheets or adhesive backed magnets, whichever is easily available in the office supply store, craft store or discount store near your house.

2. Design an image by importing a photo or multiple photos into the editing program. Organize these photos into attractive design. Add block designs, borders or other design elements.

3. Choose a font that is neat and easy to read. Type the date of the special occasion, the names of the people involved and any other relevant information. You can add the location, a message like "formal invitation to follow", "save the date" or "check our website at www ......" The design should be of the same dimensions as that of the magnet that you plan to use.

4. Import the image into a word document and duplicate the image so you can print several copies on one sheet.

5. Insert magnet sheet or normal sheet into paper feed of the printer and print.

6. Cut each individual image. For a straight cut, place the sheet on a cutting board and carefully align a ruler against the edge of the image. Use a knife to cut the paper that rests along the edge of the ruler to ensure a straight cut.

7. Add all additional design elements that you want such as feathers, carvings, emblems etc.

8. Remove the adhesive backing from one of the magnets and place your laminated image on top. Press firmly to stick the image perfectly and repeat with other magnets and images.

9. To keep the magnet from moving in the envelope, you can cut a piece of cardboard of the size of the envelope and attach magnet with rubber cement point, though this is optional.

Creating your own save the date magnets is a super trendy idea that is as simple as taking a picture of the host, adding important text like the date and venue of the event, taking a print out and sending it to guests. When this simple piece of art is placed on refrigerators or cupboards, guests will have a constant reminder of your upcoming special occasion.

Bachelorette Party Themes

A woman's bachelorette party is well known for being one of the most important moments of any girl’s life before their wedding. Choosing the right theme is important if you want your bachelorette party to be fun, exciting, and unforgettable. Although there are many bachelorette party themes to choose from, it doesn't mean all are worth choosing. Since every girl has different interests in parties, there really is no perfect theme that every girl can choose. Knowing the options you can choose from will allow you to pick the best bachelorette theme out there. Aside from choosing the best party theme, it is also advised to choose the best bachelorette party invitations as well.

- Playboy Theme

The playboy theme is one of the most popular bachelorette party themes out there, as it is a fun and flirty theme. Plus, this theme is very easy to execute as all you need to do is buy bunny ears, pink spray paint, and your own playboy bunny costume. If you can't find actual pink bunny ears, you could just spray paint pink on to white bunny ears. This theme is very fun and memorable, and a theme that your guests will enjoy.

- Princess Theme

Another fun theme you could consider having is the princess theme. This is the perfect theme to choose if you just can't get out of your school girl hood. Every soon to be wedded brides still fantasize about their childhood, and if you miss your being a young girl, you should really throw a princess themed bachelorette party. All you need to do in order to throw a princess theme is buy pink furry crowns for your guests and a short tight pink princess dress for you to wear.

- Karaoke Theme

If you miss acting silly and outrageously hilarious when you sing songs, then you could throw a karaoke bachelorette themed party. This fun bachelorette theme can be done in a bar or even at a private karaoke room. The best part about choosing this theme is that your guests won't really think about eating huge and expensive cuisines as all you really have to serve is snacks and beer. This is a fun and affordable theme that you will definitely not forget.

- Costume Theme

A costume bachelorette theme is also a really great theme choice, as it allows and your girlfriends to dress up and look wacky. This is a very easy theme to follow because you don't have to buy any costumes for your guests, you could just inform them that it is a costume party. Just be sure to tell your guests not to choose the same costume as you, because of course you should be the center of attention at your bachelorette party.

All of these bachelorette party themes are so easy to follow plus they are very fun and exciting. However, aside from choosing the right theme, it is also important to choose the best bachelorette party invitations. When you choose the best bachelorette party invitations, you should then expect for all your guests to arrive. Throwing the perfect bachelorette party can easily be done when you choose the best party theme and the best bachelorette party invitations

It is great to love and be loved. Throwing a birthday party for someone you love is always fun and exciting. It can be more fun, more exciting and more thrilling if the party is a surprise party. Hosting a surprise birthday is not an easy task. You have to plan ahead and make a lot of arrangements. Above all, you should make sure that the secret is not revealed to the celebrant. Here are some tips on how to throw a great surprise party.

How to throw a great surprise party

The first step is to fix the date and time of the party. It is better to have the surprise birthday party a few days before the birthday date because it can really take the birthday boy, girl, woman or man by surprise. The time the guests arrive should be at least half an hour before the guest of honor arrives.

The next step is to decide the venue. It is difficult to make secret arrangements for a party in your home without the knowledge of your loved one. You can host the party in a park or hotel or beach or one of the celebrant’s favorite picnic destinations. If you are going to have a themed party, decide the theme too. It goes without saying that the theme should be something the celebrant likes.

Once you have decided the date and venue you can proceed to buy or make surprise party invitations. Surprise party invitations can be made at home if you have time and if the guest list is not too long. There are free templates on the internet that can be downloaded and printed at home. They won't burn holes in your pockets or break your bank. You can add embellishments of your choice and make them unique and impressive.

Surprise party invitations can also be bought online. You can browse the internet and choose the invitations to suit the tastes of the celebrant that also fit in your budget. Buying personalized invitations online is not very expensive. Personalized surprise party invitations add to the uniqueness of the party and give a personal touch to the invitation.

The wording of your surprise party invitations should be carefully chosen. If you are creative you can create your own wordings. If you are at a loss of words, don't worry. You can find plenty of ideas from the internet. Make sure that the invitation and wording are related to the theme of the party.

The dress code of your surprise party is important. The celebrant will not be aware of the party  so he or she will most likely be dressed in casual clothes. They may feel embarrassed if the other guests are dressed up formally. If you have a theme, you can ask the guests to wear dresses to match the theme of the party.

If the party is held indoors switch the lights off before the guest of honor enters the party venue. When the lights are switched on, your celebrant is sure to be taken by surprise when they see the party decorations and the guests. This is certainly a moment to remember and relish. Don’t forget a camera!

Avoid sharing the secret with children. They cannot keep secrets. Make the party simple. The more the grand the party is, the more it is difficult to keep the secret.

The memories of a surprise party last for a life time. They are beautiful memories that are not to be forgotten. Follow these tips and have a blast. Cherish the memories for years to come.