How to Create Save the Date Magnets

During the planning of an upcoming special event or a party that requires travel or other special arrangements on the part of the guests, it is a common practice to send "save the date reminders". These handy reminders are sent before the official invitation to inform guests about the upcoming event or to leave a reminder for making necessary travel arrangements beforehand.

One way to send reminders is to send save the date magnets. Save the date magnets are a way to communicate well in advance about an upcoming event like a wedding. It is generally followed by the full-scale wedding invitation and serves as a preview of the calls that follow.

Essentially, Save the Date Magnets contain:

· Name of the host.

· The Event.

· Date of Event.

However, you can customize your magnets to make them more personal. You can choose to add your photos, decorations that match the theme of the party, colors that are based on the theme, romantic ideas such as figurines of newlyweds (in case of a wedding), or your own caricatures.

How to Create Save the Date Magnets

Things you need:

· Software images

· Editing software

· Printer

· Adhesive backed magnets/Printable Magnet Sheets

· Scissors or a paper cutter

· Small invitation envelopes.

Steps to create a save the date magnet:

1. Buy printable magnet sheets or adhesive backed magnets, whichever is easily available in the office supply store, craft store or discount store near your house.

2. Design an image by importing a photo or multiple photos into the editing program. Organize these photos into attractive design. Add block designs, borders or other design elements.

3. Choose a font that is neat and easy to read. Type the date of the special occasion, the names of the people involved and any other relevant information. You can add the location, a message like "formal invitation to follow", "save the date" or "check our website at www ......" The design should be of the same dimensions as that of the magnet that you plan to use.

4. Import the image into a word document and duplicate the image so you can print several copies on one sheet.

5. Insert magnet sheet or normal sheet into paper feed of the printer and print.

6. Cut each individual image. For a straight cut, place the sheet on a cutting board and carefully align a ruler against the edge of the image. Use a knife to cut the paper that rests along the edge of the ruler to ensure a straight cut.

7. Add all additional design elements that you want such as feathers, carvings, emblems etc.

8. Remove the adhesive backing from one of the magnets and place your laminated image on top. Press firmly to stick the image perfectly and repeat with other magnets and images.

9. To keep the magnet from moving in the envelope, you can cut a piece of cardboard of the size of the envelope and attach magnet with rubber cement point, though this is optional.

Creating your own save the date magnets is a super trendy idea that is as simple as taking a picture of the host, adding important text like the date and venue of the event, taking a print out and sending it to guests. When this simple piece of art is placed on refrigerators or cupboards, guests will have a constant reminder of your upcoming special occasion.


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